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2011-04-01 18:10:44
Short Sale Client Testimonials

Short Sale Client Testimonials

'I was under water around $45K on my condo/home and had to move out of state. Joseph successfully sold my home/condo on a short sale and made sure the the loan was settled full. It cost me nothing and my credit score only dropped 60 points. I can now sleep at night.Thanks for your help Joseph!'

Jesse V.

'Joseph went above and beyond in selling my dupex on a successful shortsale. My loan was settled in full with no possiblity of a deficiency judgement. During the short sale process I was facing hardship and I had a judgement that came up that was attached to myself and the title of the property. Joseph was able to settle the lien and get it removed from the title as part of the short sale. Completing the short sale was a huge weight off my shoulders and gave me a fresh start. Furthermore, during the short sale process I was able to keep all of the rents on my duplex which helped me out when I needed it the most.'

(wanted to remain anonymous)

'I fell victim to a scam back in 2007 where a utah based investment group came to California and held a seminar I attended. I was conviced to invest in a Salt Lake City with this investment group, put $50K down, and put my name on the loan. The home was supposed to always be rented and a good investment. A year later I was stuck managing a property myself from out of state. In 2010 I contacted Joseph for help. The home was under water $70K and my reserves were depleted. Joseph took charge in getting me out of my distressed situation. I didn't have to come to Utah for anything, Joseph handled it all. My home was sold as a short sale and Joseph negotiated with the lender on my behalf for a full settlement and release of the loan balance. Getting rid of the home was a huge weight off my shoulders and I don't have to worry about the lender coming after me for a deficiency judgement'

Marta C.

'My husband were in the middle of a nasty divorce and we didn't have any equity in our home. We contacted Joseph who jumped right in and took control of the situation. We remained current on our payments until the end of the short sale. Joseph was able to get us a settlement in full. Further more, our credit score was only minimally affected since we kept our payments current.' 


'I owned a duplex in Salt Lake City but lived in California. I hit hard times and had to file bankrupcty. The bankrupcty trusteed released my duplex from the bankruptcy because it was upside down with no equity. It was an interesting situation. My debt was discharged but I was still on title to the duplex. I offered to do a deed in lieu of foreclosure but my lender wanted to continue with the foreclosure process unless I wanted to do a short sale. To avoid a foreclosure on my record I had Joseph list the duplex as a short sale. After 12 long months of Bank of America dragging their feet, the short sale when through. This was an interesting situation. During that 12 months I was able to collect the rents on the duplex since I was still the owner.' 

Fred K.

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