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2011-08-30 16:24:55
How to Appeal Your Property Tax in Utah

Is the Tax Value of your Salt Lake County Home Too High?

Deadline to appeal 2011 property tax is September 15th 2011

Appeal your Property Taxes Now!

We give you the ammunition to succeed

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 In Salt Lake County, property taxes are appealed by sending in a property tax appeal form to the the Board of Equalization along with required supporting documents for the basis of the appeal.  When appealing your property taxes the end goal is to get the 'Tax Value' of your property lowered, which in turn lowers the amount of property tax you are assessed. With the recent declines in the Salt Lake real estate market we have found that the majority of home owner's tax assessed values are 'over-valued.' This results in the home owner paying $100s and sometimes $1000s more than they should be paying in property tax.

Unless you have recently purchased your home or have a current appraisal on hand, the most economical way to appeal your property taxes is to obtain 3 to 5 recent comparable sales that support a lower tax value than your current tax value.

Here is a list of all supporting documents that Salt Lake County consider when reviewing your appeal.

A. Purchase of the property within one year prior to January 1 of the current tax year. (Submit settlement statement showing sales price)

B. Professional Fee Appraisal with an effective date within one year prior to January 1.(Include appraisal report which typically run $300 to $500)

C. The Sale of comparable properties within one year prior to January 1. Minimum of three (3) is required but up to five (5) is preferred. (Only $35!)

D. Income Approach to Value. ( for commercial property)

E. Factual error or cost approach to value.

(The county gives the greatest consideration to sales that took place between July of the last year and January 1 of the current year.)

Our charge for 3-5 comparable sales around your home is only $35 and we will have them to you within 48 hours of receiving your order! For more information on appealing property taxes in Salt Lake County visit the Salt Lake County Tax Administration Tax Appeal website, review this Appeals Information Flyer provided by Salt Lake County, or view this Salt Lake County Tax Payer Appeal Process page that walks you through each section of the appeal form.

We service all of Salt Lake County. To get started simply use the 'Buy Now' button below to place your order. When checking out please be sure to enter the address of the subject property you will be appealing the taxes on, your name, and phone number. We will contact you with in one business day of receiving your order to obtain additional information on your property. After obtaining the pertinent information needed we will send you your comparables via email within 48 hours.

 (Free if you are a past client)


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