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2012-01-23 10:17:23
Just Sold - Short Sale Condo -FHA - Utah Housing C

Just sold another condo in the Countrywoods condominium complex in West Jordan Utah. It was sold in December of 2011 on short sale with an FHA backed loan and was settled in full. The condo was a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom unit that was 900 sqft, updated and in very good condition. It sold for $71K. The lender was nationstar and a full release was issued as part of the short sell agreement.

Utah Housing Corp Short SaleWe are especially experienced with FHA and Utah Housing Corporation short sales. These types of short sales are very cut and dry and easy to navigate. This is in large part because FHA backed loans simply follow Huds set Preforeclosure Sale Guildlines. What may agents and sellers don't realize is that it is also very common to get variances to these guidelines. That is why it is important to use agents like Joseph Mills who have completed dozens of these types of short sales and successfully obtained countless variances to get short sales completed successfully. If you are considering a short sale give Joseph Millsa call at 801-971-2542. Even if you don't meet the requirements set forth in Huds Preforeclosure Sale guidlines still give Joseph a call because more than likely he can get you a variance and still get your short sale completed and your debt settled in full. Whether your short sale is traditional, hafa, FHA, or through Utah Housing Corp, Joseph Mills can assist being seasoned in all of these types of short sales and a with a track record of happy clients and succesful short sales to prove it. Joseph is the Broker of Investment Realty Advisors and would love to assist you in all of your short sale needs. 

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2012-01-23 10:17:23
Just Sold - Short Sale Condo -FHA - Utah Housing C

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