Self Direct Your IRA Into a Secure Real Estate Investment


Self directed IRA's and 401K's are becoming more and more popular each day as investors seek more control over their investments. Many people don't realize they have more choices than simply investing their retirement funds into stocks and mutual fund. With a Self Directed IRA, people can invest their funds into qualified real estate investments including residential and commercial properties, new construction, foreclosures, short sales, farmland, raw land, and multi-family properties such as duplexes, 4-plexes, and apartment complexes. Investing in real estate using a tax sheltered vehicle such as a self directed IRA can produce amazing results.


Fortunately, it is possible to roll over many different types of retirement accounts into a self directed IRA. The obvious accounts that can be rolled into self directed IRA's are traditional and roth IRAs. However, many people don't realize they can also roll over 403(b)'s, SEP or Simple IRAs, and 401(k)'s from past employers.

The first step is to get your money into a self directed IRA. There are dozens of self directed IRA custodians around the country to pick from. Here are some of the major ones.

     Equity Trust Company Self Directed IRA Pensco     Entrust Self Directed IRA

We come into play as your real estate broker and networking hub once you get your money into a self directed IRA and you are read to pull the trigger. Whether you are looking to flix and flip or buy and hold, we can negotiate the best deals for you and guide you through the process start to finish. Some of our investors buy rental property with healthy monthly returns creating passive income for their IRAs. Others prefer to buy foreclosed homes at distressed prices and resell them for a premium. If purchased correctly, this can be done 3-4 times a year making for substantial returns on investment. The housing market is very undervalued right now with a glut of forelcosures and short sales on the market. The environment is perfect to take advantage of a down market. All of the cash buyers are now coming out of the woodworks to seize this opportunity.  Now is the time to get serious about real estate! We cater to clients with smaller IRAs just as we cater to those with substantial IRAs. We encourage those who have IRAs under $50K that may not be able to purchase desired investments on their own, to pair up with other IRA investors. We are more than happy to introduce clients to each other for possible alliances.


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If you are not already familiar with the cities and zip code layout for Salt Lake County, here is map for reference.

zip codes

84006 - Copperton 
84020 - Draper 
84044 - Magna 
84047 - Midvale 
84065 - Riverton 
84070 - Sandy 
84084 - West Jordan 
84088 - West Jordan 
84092 - Sandy 
84093 - Sandy 
84094 - Sandy 
84095 - South Jordan 
84101 - Salt Lake City 
84102 - Salt Lake City 
84103 - Salt Lake City 
84104 - Salt Lake City 
84105 - Salt Lake City 
84106 - Salt Lake City 
84107 - Murray 
84108 - Salt Lake City 
84109 - Salt Lake City 
84115 - South Salt Lake 
84116 - Salt Lake City 
84117 - Holladay 
84118 - Taylorsville/Kearns 
84119 - West Valley City 
84120 - West Valley City 
84121 - Cottonwood 
84123 - Taylorsville/Kearns 
84124 - Holladay 
84128 - West Valley


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